who is behind friday on a sunday?

I am Frida. Ever since I started wearing bras & lingerie I have felt restricted in comfort. Even buying one size up, many times the elastics would cut into my skin. So I started sewing my own underwear in my teens. Following a career in journalism & film, I hit a writing crisis while working for an author during which I started sewing underwear again and haven’t stopped since. Getting feedback like 'your bras are the best thing that ever happened to my boobs' encouraged me to continue and slowly build up a private customer base. That was followed by first jobs for film and photoshoot designs and founding the underwear brand Ruby Limes - which combines a medical function with fashion and comfort. For this project I was awarded as a Kultur- und Kreativpilot by the German government in 2020 and joined their business and coaching network.

We are sexy when we feel sexy

Personally I do not believe a certain kind of underwear is needed for that. But even if no one might see, what you wear beneath can add to feeling good - especially when comfortable AND sexy. All the pieces are made to be seen though, and perfect for dancing or a night out!


Collaboration with Ann Galé Accessories

Fotoshoots and fashionshows in collaboration with the Berlin based designer Nastya Galyeyewa and the brand Ann Galé Accessories.

custom design for photo & videoshoots

Custom designs for private clients, photo- and videoshoots. Mainly in Berlin and the US.

Design for the movie "The bra"

Design, cut and production of the bra for the movie "the bra" of the arthouse director Veit Helmer.

Founder of the brand ruby limes

Founder and director of Ruby Limes, a brand specializing in underwear with a hidden pocket to carry insulin pumps.